For who are we here?

The Diaconal Center Pauluskerk supports all people in Rotterdam and surroundings that cannot survive without help: Homeless people, addicts, psychiatric patients, people without residence permit, people without employment, young adults that have no guidance for the way of life and vulnerable elderly people. The base of the Pauluskerk is the importance and the ‘perspective of better’ of these people. And so everybody is more than welcome.

Because of the bad economy, a lot of reductions at the social care and the healthcare and all the time stronger policies for foreigners and asylum it became more difficult to survive in this society. Without help it’s barely possible to change this. Exactly those people we want to help. And through our activities we would like to offer them a new perspective.

Word vrijwilliger bij de Pauluskerk

Word vrijwilliger bij de Pauluskerk Rotterdam. Een welkome kracht voor ons beleid en een rijke ervaring voor jou